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Organic silicon Department of Lianyungang Zhonggang Fine Chemical Co. Ltd
Time:2019/12/10 17:12:21 Popularity:967
We, YAJIE CHEMICAL has two Production bases, one is ZhangJiaGang Changyu, the other is Lianyungang Zhonggung. Our main products is Tetraethyl orthosilicate(TEOS) and the production capacity is 15000tons/year. We’ve got the certificate of ISO9001-2008. Now we produce Ethyl Silicate using SiCl4 esterification, what’s more , we, Lianyungang Zhonggung production using  fully enclosed DCS control and continous production process with automatic filling system.  To end of 2011, our R&D center will research and develop to use Silicon powder and ethanol to manufacture Ethyl Silicate and expect to put into production by end of 2013. Thus we will further expand our production capacity.
At present our products have stably exported to Japan, Korea, India, Russia, Iran, UK, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia ect. The product is mainly used for Zinc-rich coatings, investment casting,etc.
Besides,our company also manufacture Organic ketone series, ether series. Our quality has a good lead over other counterparts in the world.
If you are interested in our products, please feel free  to contact us.

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